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Welcome to Shannock Valley Elementary School!    


Welcome to 1st Grade!
This year may still be a bit different and present some of its own challenges, however, I am here to love and support your child! I promise to do everything I can to help your child have a safe, happy experience at school. Please know that I will treat your child with as much love and care as I do my own children!
Feel free to contact me through my school email: [email protected] or through the Class Dojo app. 
Please reach out to me if you need help in any way!  
Opportunities for extra practice:
Class Code: 581 212
Your child’s password is their number order that’s written on his/her desk. Your child will know this number because we use it often.

Below are free links to scholastic.  Use the username and password to utilize them!


User Name: Learning20

Password: Clifford


BookFlix (PreK-3)


TrueFlix (Grades 3+)


ScienceFlix (Grades 5+)


Watch & Learn Library (Pre-K – 3)   


Gonoodle is a fun website our class would use for brain breaks.  Try it out!