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Welcome to Shannock Valley Elementary School!    


Welcome to 1st Grade!
This year we are going to be space cadets! We'll pretend that our masks are part of our space helmets. Our desks are spaced apart because we're keeping a bubble of space around us.
Even though this year is very different and presents many of its own challenges, I am here to love and support your child! I promise to do everything I can to help your child have a safe, happy experience at school. Please know that I will treat your child with as much love and care as I do my own children!
Feel free to contact me through my school email: or through the Class Dojo app. 
Please reach out to me if you need help in any way!  
Opportunities for extra practice:
Class Code: 581 212
Your child’s password is their number order that’s written on his/her desk. Your child will know this number because we use it often.

Below are free links to scholastic.  Use the username and password to utilize them!


User Name: Learning20

Password: Clifford


BookFlix (PreK-3)


TrueFlix (Grades 3+)


ScienceFlix (Grades 5+)


Watch & Learn Library (Pre-K – 3)   


Gonoodle is a fun website our class would use for brain breaks.  Try it out!