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Welcome to Shannock Valley Elementary School!    


Hopefully you will find this web page helpful.  At this time we are teaching through distant learning using the Chromebooks.  If you need a Chromebook or haven't picked up your child's workbooks, please call Toni to make arrangements.  You may reach me at [email protected] or at [email protected].  I have created a list of your emails so I can keep you updated.  Please let me know if you aren't getting emails.  .  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.  My daily posts will consist of instructions for the student and notes on how to navigate this system.  I will also be posting instructional videos daily.  The students will be able to follow along as I instruct the lessons.  Please remind you child that they can "pause" the videos to finish writing or to take a break and then resume learning by hitting the "pause" button again.  Please save all of your child's work for me to get at a later date.  When I have "submit" on an assignment, it means that I can tell whether a child has completed the work.  The due date is noted on the post.  These are difficult times for all of us.  Let's do the best we can and be patient.
Welcome 1st grade families!
How will the end of the school year be handled?
     New instruction will continue through Monday, May 18th.
Starting on Tuesday, May 19- I will post review and enrichment lessons daily through June 2. These lessons won't be graded, but can serve as continued learning for your child, if you so choose. Again- there's no obligation to log on starting on May 19th if all of your child's assignments are completed.
I will send each parent a message on May 19 to let you know of any outstanding assignments, or to confirm if all of your child's work is accounted for. 
Students who haven't completed assignments through May 18th will have this time through June 2 to finish and submit work. Chromebooks will be collected closer to the end of the school year. More details about how this collection will occur with be forthcoming from administration.  
Collection of Paper Packets and Textbooks
Parents will be able to come into school on May 27, 28, and 29 from 8 am to 3 pm. Dr. G. asks that you please enter through the kindergarten doors. Please remember that masks should be worn. 
Boxes will be in the kindergarten lobby to collect the following materials:
-A box will be for library books.  If you had your library book in your desk, I have already placed it in this box.
-A box will be for learning packets.
This includes both the packets that some students are doing now instead of doing online assignments, as well as the Days 1-8 packet that were to be completed in March. Please be sure that your child's name (and my name) appear on the front of the packets.
-A box for the Reading textbooks.
If your child has me as his/her teacher for Reading class, you should have 2 Reading textbooks to turn in. (Volumes 1.4 and 1.5)  You may have a "Sleuth" reading book to turn in, also.  Envelopes will be available so you can label the child's name so we can account for any outstanding books.
-No Chromebooks will be collected during these days. More details about this collection will be forthcoming from administration. 
Opportunities for Summer Learning
If you'd like your child to keep up with their learning through the summer, they may still access Happy Numbers practice (by logging onto Clever) through June 30th.
In fact, they can access different activities on Clever at any time this summer...including, Brainpop and Splash Math! There's no obligation to do this, but I wanted to let you know that it is available and accessible on most devices like smartphones and tablets. 
Additionally, Epic, the book app from Mr. Minteer, will continue to provide free access through June 30th.
All of these are optional opportunities that you may choose to use- or not. It's totally up to you if you'd like to use these.

I want to extend a very big thank you for all that have helped their child continue their learning.  This process wouldn't be possible without your support and help.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  


May 26-29

Please remember that Wednesday through Friday of this week you are to drop off any work that was completed, any textbooks and any library books.  You may keep the science workbook, math workbook, and the reading workbook.  However we are collecting the completed pages from all three workbooks.  I believe that Chromebooks collection date will start on June 1.
Please go to the gym to pick up a bag of items that were still here in the classroom.  It also includes a couple of small items for the students.
I will be entering grades this week on the computer.  The students all did a nice job.  I want to extend a great thanks to you all for helping in this process of distance learning.  It was a challenge, but we got through it.  Thank You!
Here is a link in case any of the students would like to explore it.  It is like the one that was posted from last week.
             Don't forget to hit "present" so that you can view the presentation.
             Hit the "x" or the "esc" to close the program.
                 Enjoy the sun today!

May 19 - 22 (Tuesday - Friday) Relax and enjoy these videos

I hope that you enjoyed yesterday's lessons.  I really like that type of a learning format.  It is colorful and I can continue to teach lessons from that page.
If you wish, you my glance over these links.  I thought that you wouldn't mind if I kept posting.  Great thing is that there is Not any work to do or turn in from any of these presentations.  
           May 19 - Tuesday
      Music  Watch the following link to hear a camping song 
     Camping Story  Watch the Carter's as they go on a camping trip
          May 20 - Wednesday
      Music  Listen to "We're Going on a Bear Hunt"
      Science - Animal Facts  Learn facts about the brown bear 
           May 21 - Thursday
Think about food that you would eat while on a camping trip.
     Make a Snack - Following directions
          May 22 - Friday  (If we were in school, we would do this together.)
    STEM Activity   Construct a solar oven to make Smores 
Instead of pizza use a grahm cracker, marshmallow, 1/2 of a Hersey bar and another grahm cracker.  You will make a "smores" in about 10-15 minutes depending on the temperature outside.  ** The newspaper works as an insulator so that the heat stays in the box.  A shoe box also works.
I hope that you liked the way I picked different presentations which were connected to the "camping theme."  I plan to post the same way for the rest of the school year.  
Remember to finish any uncompleted work to be turned in next week. 
Have a Great week!  I miss you.

Mon. May 18 Check these out

I am proud of you for working so hard on these lessons.  Please continue to finish all the assignments so they can be collected later next week.
The following link will take you to a picture which has different activities embedding in it. 
Directions:  Click the "Present" button.  Then click on the different items in the picture to direct you to stories, music or games.  Hit the "x" to close that activity and return to the picture.  Then click on another item to be directed to another link. If you get stuck at anytime, you can hit the "esc" button on your keyboard.
Some links are more fun than others.  Have fun and enjoy this type of learning.
This very short video explains adding 2 digit numbers (23+45)
We've done a little of this in class.  
You will have to hit "Present" and then the "play arrow" to view the video.
Check back tomorrow to view more fun postings.

Fri. May 15 Today's lessons are here.

                     All assignments are due May 17
Make sure to complete all your work:  on-line, workbooks, and packets
All work will be collected at the end of the month
       Reading   Unit 5  Week 1  Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!
Watch and follow along with my instructional ppt video  
Watch the youtube video to review "ow" words
Take the on-line reading test (Pearson) and submit
Take the m/c spelling words test on-line (Pearson) and submit
                  Can You . . . ?  Science Experiments
You can pick or all to do.  Have fun!  These are optional.
Can you bend water?  
Can you move a can without touching the can?
Can you make a rocket car?     STEM Project - Rocket Car

Thurs. May 14 Today's lessons are here.

           Reading  Unit 5  Week 1   Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!
Follow along with my instructional video ppt   
The window closes May 17 to take the on-line topic 15 test (submit)
You can go to CLEVER, click on DINO to play HAPPY NUMBERS
     OR you can click the following link for an addition practice video
When the link loads click on present button and then play arrow
To close it you will hit the "esc" button your keyboard then hit the "x" on the tab to close the link like we do to close programs
           Science Unit on Animals
Watch the link "Amazing Animals" to hear about gorillas
Don't forget to view the special area teacher's web page

Wed. May 13 Today's lessons are here.

           Reading   Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!
     Watch my instructional video
     Watch the story being read to you
     Watch the "le" video
           Math  Topic 15 Practice Test  Instructional Video
     Follow along as we complete the practice test together
     Take the on-line topic 15 test when you are ready  due - May 17
        Don't forget to to onto CLEVER to get into HAPPY NUMBERS 
       Heggerty Lesson created by Mrs. Graper
Don't forget to go to the special area teachers' web pages for their lessons

Tues. May 12 The day's lessons and extra optional science experiments

                All assignments are due May 17
      Reading   Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!
Click the link below to hear the story being read to you
Watch the "ow" video by clicking on the following link
      Math   topic 15
Watch and follow along as we complete the review pages
All these science experiments are optional, but they are a lot of fun.
      Science Experiment  #1     "surface tension"
Can you float a paperclip or a coin on water?
Materials needed:  glass of water, paperclips, coins
Watch and follow along with the link to below to complete this experiment.
       Science Experiment #2  with Moby  "Float or Sink"
He doesn't exactly talk about the "surface tension" but he does come close when they show the canoe and how it is shaped.  The link may take you to CLEVER to sign in or you will need to go to BrainPop, Jr and watch the video "Sink or Float."
      Science Experiment #3  "Placing a balloon on a tack" 
To see "surface tension" explained better - try this experiment
Can you push down on a balloon while it is on a tack without the balloon popping?
-place a tack on the table, sharp point facing up
-push the balloon down on the tack
-What happens?   Next
-place a handful of tacks on the table, sharp points facing up
-now push the balloon down on the tacks
-What happens?   Watch the video to see how disbursing the surface over a larger area makes the balloon less likely to pop

May 11 Happy Numbers educational math games

Happy Numbers is a wonderful site which ASD has approved for use.     
I think that you will like this site because it has games and you can do it when you want to.  It is also loaded onto the IPads at school.  The icon is a dinosaur.  Games are used to practice different math skills.
Go to ASD Home page and sign in to CLEVER  then go to the DINO icon  It should take you to the pretest which you will need to take.  Once the program assesses your pretest, you will then be set to play games and have fun while you learn.  Give it a try.
If you are having trouble getting into the program, I have passwords for each of you.  Please email me if you need the password.  Again, I am excited about this program.  It is loaded on the IPads at school and I will be using it in the classroom.  I also believe that this program can be accessed all year long by going through CLEVER or by using a password that they have sent me.

Mon. May 11 Today's lessons are here.

                   All assignments are due May 17.
      Reading  Unit 5  Week 1  Day 1  spelling & reading tests -May 17
Watch- concept map and the sing along videos on Pearson (submit)
Watch my instructional video ppt for day 1
Read the decodable story as assigned on Pearson (submit)
      Math  15-4 
The practice test is scheduled for Wednesday.  Topic test will be due -May 17
Watch the visual learning video for 15-4 then (submit)
Watch my instructional video
Watch the follow link if you wish to learn more about fractions.
Go to CLEVER to log in and then click on DINO
this will lead you to a pretest (which is not scored for a grade) and then it will program available math games that you can do when you want too.  It is a fun learning site which allows you to learn as you play games.  ASD has approved this site, called HAPPY NUMBERS.  (See the post below for more information.)
Remember to go to the special area teacher's web pages for their lessons.

Fri. May 8 The day's lessons are here.

             May 8   All assignments are due May 10.
       Reading   Unit 4  Week 6  Day 5
Watch my instructional video for a review of the skills and words
Take the on-line reading test on Pearson and submit
Take the on-line m/c spelling test on Pearson and submit it.
      Math  15-3  
Watch my instructional video on lesson 3
     Heggerty Lesson created by Mrs. Graper
Don't forget to check your special area teacher's web page.
Keep working on any work that you have not completed.  
Did you like the science experiment?  Watch for next week's experiment.

Thurs. May 7 The day's lessons are here.

                 May 7   All assignments are due May 10.
         Reading   Unit 4  Week 6  Day 4
Watch my instructional video  day 4 ppt
Watch my instructional video as I read the story to you
         Math   15-2
Watch the visual learning video on Pearson and submit
Watch my instructional video as we complete the lesson together
Take the assigned Quick Check on Pearson and submit
      Heggerty Lessons from Mrs. Graper
     Science Experiment   Safety is #1    Please wear safety glasses!
Can you stick a sharp object through a balloon without the balloon popping?
Blow up a balloon.  Tie it in a knot at the end.  Try to stick a sharp object through balloon without breaking the balloon.  After several tries, watch the link to see how the trick is done. 
             Hope that you had fun with this experiment.

Wed. May 6 The day's agenda is here.

                  May 6    All assignments are due May 10
       Reading   Unit 4  Week 6  Day 3  Henry and Mudge...
Watch my instructional video   day 3 ppt
Follow my instructional video as we complete RWN 493-494
       Math   Topic 15 Fractions  Lesson 1  Equal Shares
Watch the visual learning video on Pearson and submit
Watch my instructional video as we do lesson 1
Watch the link below to review the lesson  (JoAnn's School-youtube)
   You may only want to watch part of the video.  It is 11 minutes long.
Great Job!  You all have been doing very well with these lessons.

Tues. May 5 All you need is here.

                May 5   All assignments are due May 10
    Reading  Unit 4 Week 6 Day 2  "Henry and Mudge...:
Watch my instructional video   day 2 ppt 
Watch the link below - words with the "oo" vowel sound
Read the decodable story, Zoom!  Zoom!  (Pearson) (submit)
Listen to "Henry and Mudge ..." as it is read to you
     Math  - Introduction to Topic 15 - Fractions
Watch the link below to listen to "Give Me Half!" 
Problem of the Day - Answer the question  
If I give my sister half of my dolls, will she have more doll than me?
      Explore the link - Scholastic Learning at Home
Please remember to work on your school work everyday so that you don't get behind on your work. 

Mon. May 4 All you need is here

                   All assignments are due on May 10
Reading  -  Intro. to "Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's House"
Watch the concept map video  Unit 4  week 6  (Pearson)  (submit)
Watch the sing along video to the story  (Pearson)  (submit)
Read the decodable story (Pearson)  (submit)
Watch my instructional video which includes the spelling words
Math - Topic 14 
Watch my instructional video -final pages of the Topic 14 practice test
Then go to Pearson and take the topic 14 on-line test and submit
Remember to read each day and keep doing your assignments.  

Fri. May 1 All you need is here.

               Reading    Peter's Chair     reviewing skills
Watch my instructional video  day 5 ppt  
Complete the on-line reading test and submit.  
Complete the m/c teacher created spelling test and submit.  
Both of these are located on Pearson assignments.  Due -May 3
             Math    Pearson Math is not working well.
Watch my partial instructional video on topic 14 practice test
I will assign the topic 14 on-line test Monday, May 4.  Due date - May 10
PLEASE ask your parents if you can go to these links. 
They are fun math games and they are on
You could be directed to go through Clever,  99#  student
       Play "3D Shapes Ice Cream Attack" 
       Play "Dino Crunch"